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Graham Jarvis Training Days

23 – 24 October 2023

Graham Jarvis Riding and Training Program at Fethiye Turkey…

Graham Jarvis ile sürüş programı 23-24 ekimde Fethiye de…


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Graham Jarvis Riding and Training Program at Fethiye Turkey

Book your Enduro Tour & Contact info

To Book Your Enduro Tour with Fethiye ENDURO
Please provide information to book your Enduro Tour Your
name :
Age :
Height :
Waist :
Helmet Size :
Shoe Size :
Your experience level of Riding Motorbike :




Insurance & Damages   

Our Motorbikes are Road Legal Registered and has 3rd Party Liability insurance for the accidents in traffic, damages given to the 3rd party.   

During your riding, all the damages given by rider to the bike, has to paid for end of the day, and the tour guide must be informed of any damages given to the bike immediately.   

The riders must have travel or personel health insurance cover.   

Fethiye Enduro will not accept any responsibility, can not be held responsible for injuries and disabilities during riding.    

Fethiye Enduro Riding Program

Our tour programs are totally custom tailor made for your comfort and joy.
We normally
start with setting the bikes and small training session to see the level of riders and decide
about the route.
We start the days ride from the our base unless we decide to travel longer distances, according to the
levels of riders.
We have a service truck following us all day, and repair or replace any bike completely damaged,
Damages that are major, caused by the rider will be charged to the rider end of the program.
The mechanics will check the bikes over night, make sure they are ready for the next day of riding.
At any case of tiredness or injury you may stop riding and you will be taken to the hotel or our base.
Our tours are mainly around 60-80kms round trip per day and takes 5 to 7 hours.
Every evening we have a small meeting after dinner and decide about next days riding and routes.

Fethiye Enduro Tours, Training and Rental

Fethiye Enduro Tour and Training
Our KTM / Husqvarna / GasGas motocycle rental and guided tours, will have you coming back again and
again. We provide beginner to expert training and tours which appeals to riders of all levels. We’ll release
adrenaline and endorphins in nature at appropriate levels for each rider or group. :

You’ll gain new skills and confidence level to achieve your goals and have an epic adventure in the
mountains around Fethiye. ”

Enduro Motorcycle Rental, Riding, around Fethiye Turkey…

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