Enduro has no Limits

Enduro has NO LIMITS

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SEA TO SKY 2023 Enduro Bike Rental and service information

Sea to Sky is known as the most enjoyable hard enduro race, with epic challenges and stunning views of the Kemer Turkey. Where the Mediterranean sea meets the Taurus Mountains, it’s a race every hard enduro rider should join.

We provide you with 2T stroke GASGAS, HUSQVARNA and KTM model year 2020 – 2023. Those motorcycles are very easy to ride and light while the engines are powerful and reliable. These machines are prepared for extreme conditions.

Our bikes are READY TO RACE and setup to your requirements.

Professional service for your bike and your great experience at the race – shuttle, support, assistance. All inclusive package for 4 days, no extra charges for servicing, just parts damaged needs to be paid for as extra.

Limited number of bikes so book in advance!!!

KTM 300TPI SIXDAYS – 1750Euros

GASGAS 250TPI – 1750Euros

HUSQVARNA 250TPI – 2000Euros

  • Original Suspension Setup
  • Original FAN with automatic switch
  • Skid plate for the motor
  • Originally de-restricted and latest CPU software
  • New enduro tyres 1 set – Extra sets Available at cost
  • All bikes are road registrated and 3rd party insured

For race info and registration,


Fun of riding

We have great fun of riding, even when we are in bad situations…

We have time for you… Its your day so enjoy your riding enduro…


nıce summary of lıthuanıa enduro team

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Lıthuanıa Enduro Team

Guys form Lithuania Enduro was in Fethiye for Enduro Tour

Litvanyalı dostlarımızla Fethiye de keyifli bir Enduro turu yaptık…


Sea To SKY 2022

The Race Track

Sea to Sky is unique: Four days of racing in the most beautiful terrain, located right at the shore of the Turkish Riviera. Each days has it’s own style and fun. We’re looking forward to welcome riders from all over the world – as in the last years – to race the MOST ENJOYABLE Hard Enduro race! The massively growing sport of Extreme Enduro has gathered more and more attention, among the riders as well as in media and Kemer has become THE place to be.

Truly outstanding racing action over four days in four totally different terrains combined with staying in luxury resorts right at the beach of the Turkish Riviera made this event the favorite of all events – not only recognized by the protagonists of the scene such as Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman and Wade Young, but also more and more amateur riders are coming to Kemer to enjoy the warm summer at the very end of October – when the weather usually already getting rougher in the rest of Europe.

Race Track


Beach Race

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER. 19, 2022 – START 09:00

Sea to Sky kicks off with the 15 minutes + 1 lap “Beach Race” – a motocross-like race with a mass start along the coastline in front of the Hotels of Kemer village. The track has a lot of sand, natural jumps and a long straight at the shore that allows to go flat out to the max! The result of the “Beach Race” determines the starting order for the “Forest Race” stage in the forests and rocks around Kemer.

Forest Race

THURSDAY, OCTOBER. 20, 2022 – START 09:00

On race day #2 the riders will be taken on a time trial in the woods behind Kemer to ride some really cool single trails and gravel roads reaching into the foothills of the Tahtali Mountain. About 60% of the track is new and fresh following an ancient hiking path starting at the beach of Kemer! The Forest Race track will be approximately 45 km – mostly with a great sea view – and the fastest riders are expected to reach the finish after just under 2 hours. Again, the results of the Forest Race will determine the starting order for the Sky Race.

Sky Race


On race day #3 The riders will be taken on a time trial over 1000 mt. At beydaglari mountain with unforgettable uphills and downhills ride.

Olympos Mountain Race


Race day #4 and the main event of Sea to Sky will start right at the beach in Camyuva, a town next to Kemer, and it will take the riders all the way from “Sea to Sky” on October. 22, 2022. After the start the riders will follow a riverbed and dive into spectacular trail rides in the lower Olympos mountain area before they reach the tree line – always facing stones in each possible variations. Again, about 70% of the track is all new so even if you’ve raced Sea to Sky before you’ll will be surprised by even better tracks at edition 13! The Gold Medal will be reserved only for the riders who finished sky and forest race tracks completely and who make it to the finish arch on the peak of the Olympos Mountain at an altitude of 2,365m after about 65km. The organizers expect the fastest riders to reach the finish after little more than three hours and a total of abour 30-40 riders to finish the race within the 6 hours limit. There will be some rather technical surprises after the Silver finish that will separate the men from the boys. The Silver Medal will be handed to riders who are making it all the way to the Silver Finish within the 6 hours of race time. Those who make it through the riverbed and the first third of the overall track will earn a Bronze Medal. So there will be a great reward and souvenir for the majority of the starters who come prepared and have the skills you need in Extreme Enduro! Award ceremony and after, party! Come and see how Extreme Enduro riders party, again … extreme fun!




  • Sunday, October 16, 2022 18:00-21:00
  • Monday, October 17, 2022 18:00-21:00
  • Tuesday, October 18, 2022 18:00-20:30
  • Bronze and Silver Enduro Tours

The registered riders will first be taken to the bronze and silver level tracks to see what will they face at the race more or less. Riders should decide their level by themselves, if you are a bronze class rider and choose silver class enduro tours if the guide see that you are not then you will be sent back to the paddock from the tour.
Please pay attenion about that.

  • Silver Enduro Tour Start at – 10:00
  • Bronze Enduro Tour Start at – 11:00

Note..: Tours will start at the paddock

  • Registration will open on Sunday October 16 from 18:00-21:00 to Tuesday, October 18, 2022
  • Press Conference October 18, 2022 Start 10:00 at the Paddock
  • Race Briefing October 18, 2022 Start 21:00 at the Qualista Beach
  • Olympos Peak Ride for pro riders start at 11:30
  • Olympos Peak Ride
  • Start: 10:00 from paddock!

The registered riders will first be taken to the top of the Tahtali mountain by riding easy trails. The top of Tahtali at 2,365m will once again be the finish line for gold finishers in the Olympos Mountain Race – the main event of Sea to Sky. After looking around a bit, we will ride down the mountain AGAINST the race direction for a closer look at what the riders will face and have to master to finish for gold at the top.

Beach Race

  • 09:00 – 9:30 Track walk
  • 09:40 – First Run
  • 10:45 – Second Run

The best time will count as a qualifying result (no need to do 2 runs if you’re happy with the first run!). The fastest 150 riders will qualify for the finals. The finals will be done in 3 groups of 50 riders each. The results of the finals determine the starting order for the Forest Race. No participation in the Beach Race will result in starting last at forest race!

14:00 Results posted in web page and riders paddock

Each finalists ranking will stay within his group. For example: The winner of group B will achieve the 51st place on the beach race results

  • 15:00 – Line up finals
  • 15:30 – Final 1: Slowest 50 riders ranked 101-150
  • 15:55 – Final 2: Medium paced 50 riders ranked 51-100
  • 16:20 – Final 3: Fastest 50 riders ranked 1-50
  • Race time 15 min + 1 lap

Forest Race

  • 08:15 Depart to start point
  • 09:00 Race Start
  • Track distance appr. : 45 km.
  • Race Time is 4 hours based on the start time of each racer.

Sky Race

  • 08:15 Depart to start point
  • 09:00 Race Start
  • Track distance appr. : 45 km.
  • Race Time is 4 hours based on the start time of each racer.

Olympos Mountain Race

  • 08:00 Depart to start point 1st group
  • 08:20 Depart to start point 2nd group
  • 08:30 Line up
  • 09:00 Start
  • Track Distance : 65 km.
  • Race time : 6 hours with the start of first group.

Award Ceremony – Saturday, October 22, 2022– Start 21:00

Award ceremony and after party like only the Extreme Enduro crowd can!

Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals: At Sea to Sky there will be a reward – for the majority of the riders!


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Riding on Mountains of Fethiye

It is a great experience riding off road bike on Taurus mountains…

All our tours are organised with a guide. The morning session will be instructions and teaching of entry level riding technics before heading to the mountains and forest…