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Lycia (Lycian Lykia, Likya) was a geopolitical region in Anatolia in what are now the provinces of Muğla on the southern coast of Turkey. Known to history since the records of ancient Egypt and the Hittite Empire in the Late Bronze Age, Written records began to be inscribed in stone in the Lycian language after Lycia’s involuntary incorporation into the Achaemenid Empire in the Iron Age.Erōtes found the cities of Lycia “interesting more for their history than for their monuments, since they have retained none of their former splendor,” many relics of the Lycians remain visible today. These relics include the distinctive rock-cut tombs in the sides of cliffs. The British Museum in London has one of the best collections of Lycian artifacts. Letoon, an important center in Hellenic times of worship for the goddess Leto and her twin children, Apollo and Artemis, and nearby Xanthos, ancient capital of Lycia, constitute a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Telmessos was a flourishing city in the west of Lycia, on the Gulf of Fethiye. It was famed for its school of diviners, consulted among others by the Lydian king Croesus, prior to declaring war against Cyrus, and by Alexander the Great, when he came to the town after the siege of Halicarnassus.

Fethiye Enduro Lycian Extreme Challange
Lycian History – Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kayakoy, Calis Beach, Saklikent | Fethiye Enduro Lycian Extreme Challange