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LYCIAN EXTREME CHALLENGE is going to be a Hard Enduro Race, Starting with a City/Beach Prolog to qualify and a multiple laps of timed enduro race around the mountain of Babadag and Mendos located in Fethiye TURKEY.
The terrain will be natural, rocky, riverbeds, climbs, and downhills.
The Babadag and Mendos mountains both have great trerrain for Extreme Enduro and also hosts World Air Games for Paragliding and Sky-diving every year.
Day 1 Thurday 3rd May : Registration – Media Filming – City Tour
Day 2 Friday 4th May : City/Beach Prolog
Day 3 Saturday 5th May : Main Race (multiple laps)

Fethiye Enduro Lycian Extreme Challenge
Lycian Extreme Challenge – Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kayakoy, Calis Beach, Saklikent | Fethiye Enduro Lycian Extreme Challenge